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  • 12/24/13--09:01: The Year in Review
  • A single year is a long or short time. When you're older, a year is but one among many in your log of memories. It's therefore shorter compared to your whole life, and I think that's why it seems shorter than for a younger person.
    When you actually take inventory of the changes in a neighborhood (or your own meth-head acting children), a lot can happen in 12 months. And in the Q's estimation, this year was the biggest for change in decades, and is likely the beginning of many years of rapid change - some would call it upheaval - to the point that even middle-timers like myself will hardly notice the neighborhood in five years time.

    It was just over a year ago that Tugboat Coffee opened on Flatbush near Lincoln, signalling a new era of comfort for java lovers. Kola and Chad are just the kind of entrepreneurs who really "get" the neighborhood, and it's been a pleasure having true small business owners invest in the neighborhood. Commerce-wise, it's been quite an uptick. "Feel" Beauty moved into the old and long vacant Mike's International. Tip of the Tongue (the Q calls it TOTT) added panache and freshly baked pastries to the morning commute. Wholesome Gourmet lit up the corner where Papa and Sons once thrived. A new restaurant is coming to Flatbush north of Lincoln; a new bar is coming to Flatbush and Midwood. New boutiques opened near the venerable Play Kids, notably the beautifully designed Marcia Diva's Boutique. PLG Outpost finally opened near 65 Fen for coffee and pastries and sundry culinary items. A new coffee house is opening on Rogers. New fitness joints Planet and Blink have opened or are opening. And with new housing cropping up all over, you can count on an ever-quickening pace of new biz commencements.

    Speaking of housing...whoa. Prices? Oy Vey. Renters are squeezed, owners are chocking record equity gains, buildings are going condo or coop, and development and construction has picked up significantly. But prices. Man-o-Manischewist. The Q continues to try to document the very real misery out there, but feels like he has too little time to do a proper job of providing voice for the hundreds, maybe thousands, of terrified longtime residents unable to envision a future in their long-loved neighborhood. The Q also gets disillusioned at times at how insensitive are the comments frequently posted on his own blog, but tries to remember he started this thing to make sense of the world not to convert the world to his own way of thinking. And the Q remains committed as ever to providing an open marketplace of thoughts and ideas, even if three lurkers continue to comment with outsize influence, though I now have their IP addresses marked in my stats with special nicknames I've created for them (no, I'm not sharing publicly, just once again requesting that they make a New Year's Resolution to create a screen name) so I'll know exactly who they are each time they comment and from where. So you might as well choose a screen name since I've already chosen my own for you, and I'm sure you'll prefer yours. (You know who you are).

    On the communal action front - we got DOT to approve and give a small startup grant to create art on the Flatbush Trees, and now we have all the permits, and only need some funding to get it going. (I'm starting to think I'll need to shoot a Kickstarter video myself and set it up. Perhaps those of you who are regular readers will consider a contribution of editing or cash). We met with the DOT, the D.A., the precinct (many times) to address crime and safety and traffic. We got approval for a plaza at the Q station, and started to address the useless and fugly parking lot that could be a beautiful plaza for all at the corner of Empire/Flatbush/Ocean. We stepped up enforcement of trash pileups along the Flabenue. A relative unknown garnered 40% of the vote in the City Council primary, giving our incumbent a run for his money. We stayed on top of the Flatbush traffic changes and continue to lobby for solutions to trouble spots. We're bringing a farmer's market to the Q at Parkside. Trees are being planted on Boxing Day all around the Q at Parkside. Neighborhood leaders sued a giant building planned for Flatbush. Nature lovers created a beautiful community garden on Maple. And so much more.

    I randomly picked some fun stories you may have missed, including the Q's ongoing essays on all things Lefferts/Flatbush. Just trying to make sense. Trying to help us get to know one another. And as always, more than happy to answer your questions or share your stories. Just send an email here. And happy holidays one and all. To a safer saner 2014.

    A Look Back at 2013 and a bit of December 2012, to bring the year full circle:

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  • 12/26/13--09:11: Flatbush BID Names New E.D.

  • I've heard all manner of complaints through the years about Flatbush from Empire down to Parkside. Trash. Crime. Loitering. Lack of this or that amenity. It all boils down to a lack of cooperation in my view. No organization. No strategic thinking. No working merchants association. No Business Improvement District (which is significant step up that involves pooling extra property tax money to provide actual administrative support). But from Parkside on down, Jack Katz and the labor of love of his life, the Flatbush BID, had managed to keep things running fairly smoothly for decades, even the worst decades in the City's history. Jack died earlier this year. And now they've named a new Executive Director, Lauren Elvers Collins.

    And here's the genius step. Lauren also heads the active Church Avenue Business Improvement District. The two will share resources and overhead. At this crucial time in the history of Flatbush, the Q is thrilled to see that, at least south of Parkside, serious effort will be taken to look at the big picture.

    The Q will take this opportunity to report, too, that new blood is attempting to bring new life to organizing the merchants of the Flatbush Empire (nice ring to it, no?) More info as it becomes printable, er, postable.

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    Lest you stopped believing in miracles...a bit of god's rays shone down on this holy plot of land. Thanks wisefolk Duane and Sonya for witnessing the "birth" and capturing it digitally. Hope you brought the myrrh! Lord knows there'll be mirth aplenty to go with that myrrh! Oh joyous day!

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    Sassy Scissors is becoming a coffee place, so says a reliable source who's spoken to the new lease-owner. The entrepreneur, so we're told, is an emigre from Italy by way of Williamsburg, so something tells the Q this won't be HoJo's bottomless pot.

    Italians are EXTREMELY picky and proud of their coffee, espresso in particular. Italians also like to dress well. Italians also do not like to form or stand in lines, while Germans are known to create them or stand in them when there is no compelling reason to do so. Italians are more likely to arrive late for your meeting than is a German. Italians are sloppier kissers though. These are facts, noted by many a European traveler. The Italians made possible a pair of men's shoes that costs nearly $2,000. They are made by A. Testoni and they look like this:

    I don't think it's a coinkydink that men would be drawn to a name like Testoni in order to fly their ped-plumage picking up paramours (of either sex mind you). If, however, you like your testosterone more homegrown, you may want to wait for the new coffee shop to open. Be careful however not to overdo it, since once the extra-strong Italian espresso hits your brain you may find yourself making poor choices, and you may end up wandering into your kitchen bleary-eyed one morning to find this fellow awaiting you after a night of impulsive decision-making:

    Remember, however, that it was a stone-cold sober you that chose the distinctive cabinetry. And Frank's not so bad after you get to know him. Not for nothing, he really knows his way around a tool shed!

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    Project Minka. Hmm. Sounds...intriguing, no? Is it a codename? Does it mean anything to you? Do tell. Here's what the Q has learned during minutes upon rigorous minutes of painstaking and ruthlessly detailed research and analysis using just a single window of Firefox, the Google and (not) a hell of a lot of elbow grease. Apparently Minka means "house of the people" in Japanese, and the term refers to various modest house styles of the artisan class. So, what does this have to do with the price of latte in Latvia?

    A group called "Project Minka" is renting out a bunch of space in the building that houses the beverage retailer on Lefferts 0, actually 507 Flatbush, or Lefferts between Flatbush and Washington, or better yet the building under the giant Apple billboard, wherein a yoga studio is moving as well and perhaps the excellent Ifetayo dance and music education powerhouse. Here's the dang link already, or for the click-averse, the text from the ad below:

    Come work with us! Buildout is underway for Project Minka's - Compound CoWork. This innovative concept in co-working will offer private offices available for 1-4 workers, semi-private spaces with locked cabinets, and open office options, at low prices with flexible arrangements. Space will offer fast internet, comfortable conference rooms equipped with presentation and screening technology. The space will integrate state of the art co-work and conference space with an environment structured toward healthy working, personal growth, health and wellness. With a lovely new yoga studio next door, the building promises to be an inviting vibrant hub. Individuals and small businesses looking for office or cowork space, our opening is scheduled for early 2014. Come work with us! Contact us to discuss our build out plans! Opening in Feb/Mar 2014.

    P. S. As far as I know, they are not a cult, though these "co" spaces always make me a little suspicious. Project Minka sounds very L. Ron Hubbardian. I'm reading "Going Clear" right now about Scientology, AND "The New Jim Crow" AND the mind-blowing book "Crack in America" all at once, so everything makes me suspicious right now. And after watching the "Central Park Five" recently. Heck, tonight I just watched the excellent doc "The House I Live In" about the War on Drugs. I wish I had a copy of "My Brooklyn" just to go off the deep end into paranoia and outrage. I haven't felt this amped up since "Gasland." And while we're on the subject of cults, did you ever read the Q's exposAY (sorry I'm too lazy to figure out how to do the accent aigu) on the actual cult on Woodruff near Flatbush, you missed a doozy a couple years back. Here 'tis, and be sure to read the comments that former cult members tacked on. You'll never look at that damn building at 162 Woodruff OR that damn truck parked on Parkside near the Parade Ground - Olde Good Things - the same again. 

    Which begs the it bad form to plug one of your own posts on your own blog? It would be quite a stretch to say that the CoBU post relates to the current post in the slightest. And yet, I really do want you to read that one. Is that so wrong? Am I thinking this or typing it? Damn it. I was trying to keep that thought to myself. Like the fact that I didn't eat that Shake Shack burger today that I really wanted, and felt like I was some kind of Edwardian Hero for passing it by. Actually I ate a hero instead, which wasn't exactly the healthy alternative I had in mind when I "Just Said No" to special sauce. Am I doing it again? I didn't just type that did I? I can't tell what's blog and what's real anymore. It's happening again. Doctor? Reverend? Rabbi? Little help please?

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    From the venerable Parkside Committee comes this missive:

    Lend Your Muscle to Parkside!

    Saturday, January 4 at 12pm.

    By now you've probably seen the new oaks on Parkside Avenue, and you've probably wondered how these five saplings can survive into grand old age.  Sure, Pioneer has promised to water them.  But who will fend off the errant cars, the distracted pedestrians, the incontinent dogs? 


    This Saturday, at noon, the Parkside Committee is hosting a tree-guard installation party.  The lumber has been donated.  The carpentry has been done.  But they need your help putting them in the ground. 

    When?  Noon.  Where?  Parkside Avenue.  Dress warmly.  Bring gloves, if you have them, and bring a gardening spade, if you have that, and bring your kids, if they want to plant daffodils.  One hour of volunteering from you, one century of life for five oak trees.  Come on out!

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  • 12/31/13--11:32: Don't Say You Weren't Warned
  • A civic-minded neighbor has posted a sign on Parkside that needs to be read by all the fine ladies of Lefferts. Warning: language not appropriate for minors or the prudish. I suggest you enlarge the photo with your favorite software in order to peruse the prose:

    Picture by Jason Wishnow

    I was having a hard time distinguishingg the Lothario in question, but then I took the picture to my Man Cave and ran it through some fancy equipment much too technical in nature to describe to a layperson. What I found shocked me. Here's the extreme close-up, digitally re-rendered:

    For recent readers of the Q, you'll recognize him as Frank the Espresso Guy Who You Accidentally Slept With Last Night. His full presentation below:

    You've been forewarned. However if the above picture and xeroxed flier description appeal rather than repel, email me here for Frank's number. He's at Blink Fitness right now doing squats, but he'll run right over if you're quote"in the mood for some java juice"endquote.

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    We got the permit!

    Regardless of whether you pluralize or use the possessive or both, thanks are due to nearly 200 of you who signed the petition. As a result, the Market (wherein goods will be sold by farmers) will start at the end of March at the Q at Parkside plaza. Two farmers have signed on with Seeds in the Middle, the founder of which wrote a fascinating piece in the Daily News a couple days ago about the lack of market options in minority neighborhoods, particularly during winters.

    Here's Nancie Katz's piece. The adorable picture below is from the story. As a native of Iowa, I can attest that the girl is making the right choice with that particular ear.

    Pic by Enid Alvarez, Daily News

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    Due to weather, please erase tomorrow from your file-o-fax and place the item on NEXT Saturday the 11th at noon.

    Lest you think the Filofax has gone the way of the dodo, here's a link to the company's website.

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    Got a note from Liliana, who with partner William will be opening "Blessings," a coffee/flowers/herbs shoppe that sounds stupendous. William's a Brooklyn boy by way of the Rockaways; Liliana comes from Italy originally.

    The shop will happen in the wake of Sassy Scissors. William will handle the floral arrangements and FRESH! herbs. She's be doing coffee and food. They'll do breakfast and lunch items as well.  And, in Liliana's words:

    We'll serve breakfast items like  pastries , eggs sandwiches, granola and more.For lunch we'll have a seasonal menu of salad sandwiches and soups. We'll cater the needs of vegetarians and vegan and we'll have gluten free options. Also, working on a to go lunch menu for kids for all the parents that sometimes don't have time to prep the lunch for their kids before bringing them to school. Of course we'll have plenty of espresso drinks and coffee. Being a brunch lover i see a brunch menu in the near future as well.
    It's looking like the joint might be up and running by March!

    Tying this post in with the last one, the Q would like to draw your attention to this most peculiar video of a woman explaining how the March section of her Filofax works. The detail is astounding:

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    A brilliant socio-economic-real-estate forecaster named Miron Schleider has made the following predictions on Brooklyn, with a dude from MNS adding a shocking conclusion for our area, in an article from DNA Info:

    7. Brooklyn will stay hot
    Prices in Brooklyn reached a 10-year high with inventory falling to a five-year low, according to a recent Elliman report.
    "Brooklyn will certainly continue to shine with significant growth rates and rapidly changing neighborhoods," Miron’s Schleider said.

    8. Greenpoint, Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights and Prospect Lefferts Gardens will get even hotter
    "In particular, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy will look very different by year's end," Schleider said. Greenpoint— situated by two rapidly growing markets in Long Island City and Williamsburg — was poised to grow, Barrocas, of MNS, predicted. Also, there was chatter among developers about exploring whether parts of Bushwick’s industrial areas could be rezoned for residential buildings, particularly for affordable housing, he said. He also liked the odds of Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Crown Heights, especially with projects like 1000 Dean St., an office building spearheaded by the founder of the Brooklyn Flea.
    Not to be outdone, another prognosticator uttered this outlandish hypothesis:
    9. Brooklyn’s growth will likely bump buyers to Queens
    "Brooklyn buyers [will] become fatigued from lack of inventory, high prices and bidding wars," said Holly Sose, of City Connections Realty, who predicts Queens will see a boost in sales and interest.
    Both Sose and Schleider agreed on one other shocking point - they believe that multi-gazillionaires will continue to do whatever the eff they want and live wherever the eff they choose. Also, the price of groceries will continue to be set by the grocers themselves and get this - somtimes those prices will be greatly over cost! People will continue to text on their cellular phones. And in one more "reach" prediction, the experts agree that you stand a very slim chance of finding just what you're looking for on Netflix Streaming and will have to "settle" for something lukewarm...or a documentary. And the documentary will more than likely be a massive bummer that makes it more, not less, difficult to sleep.

    Stay tuned to the Q for more perspicacious observations and forecasts. I'm close to releasing an earth-shattering study that finds a correlation between bad marriages and divorce.

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    If this guy looks familiar, and you know him to be someone who jogs in Prospect Park, police want to know what you know.

    The man, who is believed to be approximately 60 years old and has thinning gray hair, was spotted running in Prospect Park on Dec. 31, police said. He collapsed about 1 p.m. and was rushed to New York Methodist Hospital, where he was in critical condition, according to police.
    The man had no identification on him and was carrying only an asthma inhaler, the source said.

    He stands 5-foot-9 and weighs 200 pounds and has brown eyes, police said. He was wearing blue jogging pants and jacket, and black, size 9 1/2 Adidas sneakers when he fell.

    Call 911 and tell them you may have info on a Missing Persons case.

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    C'mon y'all. The Kickstarter for the coffee and community place on Rogers is almost over. They have a couple biggie gifts lined up that just might send them over the top, last minute. (Heck, I know people who have dug into their own pockets at the last minute to make it work. Which is a bummer since Kickstarter takes a cut so you basically end up paying a fee to top your target. But there it is; that's how the game is played.)

    Regardless of all that silly strategy stuff, please consider a gift to the effort and I'm sure Richard and Annalisa will remember it forever. It's about dreams folks. Dreams and java. Kickstarter Campaign and Video here.

    On Sunday, R&A hosted a lovely open house at the nearly completed corner store renovation - soon to be known as Brooklyn Clean Bean, or as I'm sure to call it BCB. Check out this brief video to see what you missed, and to consider how great it'll be once it's up and running at the corner of Rogers and Midwood.

    0 0

    Oh well. You've heard that one a hundred times I'm sure so I won't waste time retelling the punch line here. What I will tell you is that the Q raced up Rogers on his trusty pedal-steed and crossed at Carroll to get to the nicely appointed Community Board 9 office on Nostrand just in the nick of time to chair a death-defying meeting on our district's lowly Sanitation Garage and sit in on the bawdy and ribald discussion of traffic, stop lights, bus stops, turning lanes etc. Sparks flew. Fists clenched. By the time I left, at roughly half past 8, I was soaked in sweat and bruised from head to toe.

    What actually happened at the Community Board this evening? Why, hearty and jovial conversations about all kinds of good stuff. Ed Fanning presided over a jam packed meeting of nearly 15 people all hemming and hawing over the perilous Flatbush/Lincoln/Washington intersection, as well as various and sundry issues related to the new traffic patterns on the Flatbush corridor. here post, here posty posty. Many folks will turn up the heat on the 71st to please and pretty-please step up enforcement. Signs are good; points against license better. Greg Haas was there from DOT, as usual showing great concern and insight about the whys and wherefores of 
    neighborhood traffic. The upshot is that the signs will go up forthwith in the manner previously discussed. Other items up for discussion were the placement of the limited buses (Fanning is seeking to move them from by the Wendy's to by the BP to make better connections with other buses AND to prevent the needless danger of folks crossing mid-block to get to the subway entrance. Heck, the elevators to the trains are at Lincoln, so why make the mobility-challenged hike all the way from the corner of Flatbush and Empire? Dumb, dumb and dumber. Go Ed.

    At Environmental Protection yours truly presided over a fruitless discussion of how to get our sanitation garage moved from its current inadequate location at NY Ave and Parkside. It's too small to build a proper facility. There are no available properties in our largely residential district; we have like zero manufacturing areas. The issue has been on CB9's priority list for YEARS, and there even was nearly $100 million in the budget to build one. But since no site was found the money disappeared. The move to Parkside/NY came in 2005, from over by Medgar Evers, the station having fallen into horrible disrepair. So...we're going to go back to SUNY Downstate and try to get them excited about giving us some of their parking lot. With all the drama they're going through over the LICH closing, something tells me this is not a priority for them. But who knows?

    And a little tidbit...that closing of Crown Street to create a proper "campus" for Medgar Evers? It's going to happen, mark my word. More soon...if you want to know where the Q stands, my dish to Tish is here.

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    see the bottom of the post for the "rest of the story."

    Someone dumped this cat when they moved out of their apartment:

    Check out this Craigslist Post for more info.

    Here's what the poster says:

    So, I live right off of the Winthrop Street subway stop. Someone in my community moved out right before the blizzard and just left their cat in the lobby. Predictably, management evicted the cat and she's just been sitting out in the patio area, freezing, and waiting for her owners to come home.

    She is the sweetest cat in the world. I have seriously never encountered such an affectionate animal. Unfortunately, however, I am not allowed to have a pet by conditions of my lease.

    I called animal control and they said they'd euthanize her within 72 hours if she isn't adopted, so I'm trying to find a better option than that. The only no kill shelters in this borough are full-up.

    If anyone at all is interested in helping out or has ideas, please get in contact with me, either via email or via phone. I really want to save her.
    Later today, I'm sent a note that the ad has changed to this:

    So, my craigslist post about this cat went absolutely insane viral. My phone has not stopped ringing. Here's how it went down.
    When my roommate flipped his shit at me and told me to get rid of the cat, I put her in the lobby and realized she might be a he. The cat, heretofore known as "him," had balls. Whatever.

    I put out food and water and commenced my internet search for rescuers. Around 7, I got a very nice man and his wife who were both calling me to arrange pick up. I went downstairs to check on the cat and saw a much smaller version of the same cat in the area where my cat usually was.


    There are two of them.

    Well, that was okay. I was getting so many calls I could arrange two adoptions. However, big, has-balls cat was not around. He had presumably gone to get some food for the evening or found a warm place to sleep. Two of my neighbors admitted to trying to bring him in, so maybe he found lodging for the night.

    The nice man came anyway. His name is Rob. There was also a nice lady with five pets of her own from a rescue society named Debbie. She was interested in Smaller Cat with a Cough. We'll call it Mini-Mew.

    By the time they get here, it is 5 degrees outside. I have set out tuna and water, both of which are cubes of ice now. Mini-Mew and Has-Balls are both gone. We walk around calling for them for a while to no avail.

    Then my landlord emerges like Jesus on the Water from the basement. His name is Hector. I ask Hector if he's seen either cat, and he says oh yes, he let them into the basement.

    Then he drops this: "The apartment has holes in the walls, so they are in the walls during the night. They will be back in the morning."

    The apartment. Has holes. In the walls.

    Do I pay rent here? What the fuck?

    Whatever, I'm just glad they are accounted for. I exchange numbers with Rob for Has-Balls and Debbie for Mini-Mew.

    They will be back tomorrow to retrieve their respective adoptees. Hector has promised to keep the cats in the basement until they arrive.

    I will update when all is settled.

    In the meantime, my phone will not stop ringing. Lots of people keep telling me that Craigslist adopters are going to do sick things to my beloved strays, but I don't think Rob or Debbie are psychos, so we're all good.

    Now please, take my number off of facebook.

    The Q has a sneaking suspicion of what might have happened here. Eagle Eyed Michael S might that be you?

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  • 01/08/14--13:02: Latest from 626 Flatbush
  • While it's true they're being sued by local community groups, Hudson Companies and their 23-story 626 Flatbush have shared their lobby plans in a new rendering, looking like this:

     Key facts from Hudson's website:

    • Approximately 250,000 square feet
    • 254 dwelling units, with 20% affordable low income units
    • Poured-in place construction
    • Design by Marvel Architects
    • Construction management by Lettire Construction
    • Construction financing from New York State Housing Finance Agency and Citibank
    • Acquisition financing from Enterprise Community Loan Fund and the New York City Acquisition Loan Fund
    One thing I hadn't noticed til now was the garden on top of the building that abuts Flatbush. Or is it a mini-gold course? A heliport?

    In the quibbles department, I gotta say it's not really one block from the park. I mean, as a crow flies maybe. But crows don't usually measure distances in blocks. I'd say three or four would be more accurate, unless they're planning some sort of ziplining contraption from the roof.

    0 0

    First off, the distinction needs to be made between humps and bumps. A speed hump is a relatively calm affair leading to, one hopes, slowing traffic along a residential street.Take Winthrop Street, Flatbush to Bedford, which just won a hump of its own, thanks to the tireless advocacy of Tracy M. The speed bump on the other hand is meant to startle, awaken, or generally annoy the driver and demand serious deceleration. I happen to have a dandy drawing handy to illustrate:

    Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas' comely female singer, has also championed humps in her beloved "nocturne" composition "My Humps." It stands to reason that Fergie also champions traffic calming measures, particularly given the prevalence of small children and the elderly both on her block and among her most rabid of fans.

    The letter from Claudette Workman at DOT went thusly:

    Dear Madam:

    This is in response to your e-mail requesting the installation of a speed bump on Winthrop Street from Bedford to Flatbush Avenues.

    The New York City Department of Transportation conducted an investigation to determine the feasibility and need of installing a speed hump at this location.  Factors such as a physical inventory of the street, travel speed and vehicular volume were all taken into consideration in making our determination.  Based upon our evaluation of the data collected we have concluded that this is a good candidate location for the installation of a speed hump.  We will forward this location to our city-wide speed hump crew so that it can be added to their list of pending installations for Brooklyn which will be scheduled.

    The safety of our residents is of primary concern to the NYCDOT. Your participation in transportation issues which affect your community is greatly appreciated.

    0 0

    What are you doing at noon on Saturday? How about putting THIS in your Filofax:

    Dear Friends of Parkside,
    Rain or shine or polar vortex, this Saturday at noon, we're finally installing the tree guards that will help our five new oaks survive the coming century.  It'll be a big fun messy job.  So come on out!

    • When: Saturday, January 11, at 12pm
    • Where: 205 Parkside
    • What: Installing tree guards, planting daffodils, general merriment
    • Who: You. And your neighbors, your kids, and possibly your Borough President
    Please dress warm, please bring garden shovels if you've got them, and feel free to drop me a line to let me know if we should expect you.  We need all the help we can get.


    0 0

    They made it folks. Rogers first coffee house and community hangspace reached their $20,000 goal on the Kickstarter. Way to go Rich and Annalisa! For all that community help, that coffee better be DAMN good!

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  • 01/10/14--05:46: Crash
  • Two things make the serious car crash last night pre-midnight at Rogers and Midwood postworthy. One, it took place at the same intersection as the coffee house in the previous post. Mere coincidence? Yep.

    Two, a picture was taken by an eagle-eye neighbor not long after the collision. Here 'tis:

    Feel free to comment if you saw the crash. One hopes that injuries were minor and that there were no pedestrians at that spot.

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